Thursday, July 17, 2014


Hi! It's been waaaaay long time since I posted my last one. I just wanted to write that I started watching CBS new TV show, Mom which is hilarious and touching at the same time. It's about a mom and her mom who used to be alcoholics and try to be sober up. Also the tv shows talk about other topics like those moms friends who committed a crime and had to go to a prison and who has a cancer. It's not just a comedy but also describes real lives for real people. I highly recommend this TV show and I strongly hope that some Japanese tv station finds about this and put on Japanese TV. In that case, I am curious how all jokes would work in Japanese. Anyway, it's a great show to watch!


Anonymous said...

we are still waiting your nwe posts to read
thank you

Anonymous said...

thank you

mytk1234 said...

Hello from Brazil! Luv your posts! Someday I wanna go to Japan hoping that 嵐 and some of the actual members of AKB48 will be there:D I wanted to know if u ever tried Mets Cola from Kirin, and if you ever, is it good?
sorry for bothering, but there are so many comments that I don't have the opportunity to say something

Anonymous said...

Nice blog.:) Too bad it hasn't been updated.

Cerberus said...

I'm born in Japan - Nagano,but when i was a children i come to Brazil,now i'm trying to learn Japanese, and i really want somebody to practice,
Can you advise me something or somebody? :D
Thank you so much, realy love your blog.

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